7JOURSsursept is a creative studio focused on design and sustainability based in Paris in 2019.
Today’s duty is an exploration into how we can change the way we shop by 2025. We beleive we have to drive a transition and create a sustainable future . We have to re-invent the sourcing,production and distribution codes .


We are a french workshop. All the products are made using the cutting wastage accumulated from previously cut garments and accessories. In this way we give clothes a second life and each piece is one of a kind.


We re-imagine through design what already existed .It’s like an alchemist’s job , creating hybrid clothes, resulting from the melting of traditional denim, british tailoring,sport pieces,old curtains, etc…. New forms and volumes appear , limitless game of proportions and materials: giant patchworks composed of flower,tartans,stripes,various tweeds,linked together by the magic of gathering