7JOURSsursept is a creative studio that reinvents sourcing, production and distribution codes . Each hand-made, one of a kind piece is reimagined and refabricated by accumulating the wastage from garements that have already been cut . 7JOURSsur sept gives clothes a second life .



Life empowers us to build something rooted in your beliefs, that’s why the way we work is opposite that of a traditional company. We are very adaptive to the always changing world. We reclaim yesterday’s clothes without any nostalgia to give birth to a modern hybrid garment, and, in doing so, we preserve the future. Giving a second life to clothes makes it possible to revolutionize the history of design, of the production and of the planet. For that new spring / summer season, denim will continue to be the multifaceted shining star mixed with all kind of fabrics coming from collected shirt, skirts, pants, jackets .

Seasonal inspiration :
The magnum masterpiece « Karoo » de Steve Tesich, a read that will move you forever . Ariane Mnouchkine et le Théatre du Soleil à Kyiv: a unique artistic and human adventure. Richard Serra: the man who made steel stand up. Tribute to Laurent Achard: fears, wounds and tendreness forever.



Architecture and High Fashion are part of the same creative process, at different scales, with different materials, but with the same purpose: to protect human beings.                                       In all cases and at all times, this envelope has played both a technical and a aesthetic role, because this « shell » must also convey a message. DECONSTRUCTIVISM is a process of subversion which demonstrates the multiple possibilities of combining architectural and clothing vocabulary. The visual appearances of those creations are characterized by stimulating impredictability and controlled chaos.

Seasonal inspiration :
Frank Gehry huge genius, Bret Easton Ellis fascinating story: The shards, the incredible  lightness of Natalia Osipova, the mystery and beauty of Nicolas de Staêl paintings, and at last the stunning dancer Lil Buck.

FALL / WINTER 2023-24


 » Les plis du vêtement prennent autonomie, ampleur, non pas par simple souci de décoration, mais pour exprimer l’intensité d’une force spirituelle qui s’exerce sur le corps, soit pour le renverser, soit pour le redresser ou l’élever, mais toujours le retourner et en mouler l’intérieur. »     Gilles Deleuze ( Le pli )                    Still hybridizing sport, urban and military sectors, Spring Summer 23 likes to clash again all kind of universes.

Seasonal inspiration :
J.B.Sécheret beautifull landscapes, the B.E.Ellis great wittiness ( The Shards ), the J.P.Luminet magic book( les nuits étoilées de V.Van Gogh) and the forever amazing an sublim Wayne Shorter.